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VRI-iS (Individual Sprinkler)
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Valley® VRI Individual Sprinkler control (VRI-iS) gives you the greatest level of control in center pivot water application. It gives you peace of mind knowing you’re using valuable water resources wisely.

Use your Valley VRI prescription to apply water when and where it’s needed, and eliminate irrigating unnecessary areas in your fields. Use our advanced VRI software tool to prescribe the optimum application depth. We’re an authorized Valley Irrigation dealer providing high-quality parts and equipment in .


  • Increase yields by precisely applying water where it’s needed
  • Reduce over-watering, under-watering and runoff
  • Increase precision of water and chemical applications through the pivot
  • Generate or edit prescriptions quickly and easily using cutting-edge prescription software
  • Import shape files and sprinkler package data to create prescriptions
  • Access the web-based program by license through AgSense®
  • Load prescriptions to ICON or Pro2 smart control panels using ICON Link, BaseStation3™ or AgSense, smart irrigation solutions from Valley
  • Automatically assign IDs to all sprinkler valve locations via the control panel
  • Accurately control water application depth changes using GPS position
  • Access diagnostics and troubleshooting features in the control panel to verify the hardware is performing correctly




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